Tool making

Die Design and manufacturing

We offer wide range of machines for mould tools making: CNC machine centres, conventional Mills and Lathes, Spark Eroders and Surface Grinders. We also provide final tooling assemble service. Tools are constructed by combining die set items and engineered parts to producre fully finished moulds.

Fully detailed drawings are necessary for our toolmakers to manufacture in highest quality standards. Our team use Solidworks, Mastercam and 2D crafting packages to produce mould tool solutions from top quality materials.

Casting and Thermoforming mould designing and manufacturing

We have many years of experience that enables us to give the best advises to our customer on most suitable tooling options for intended application of the part/component. The selection of mould tool is critical phase of any plastic moulding project – design, material and configuration may effect overall success progress of a product’s and determine cost and functionality.

Doesn’t matter if you are at the production or just starting develpment stage of a project, we welcome you to contact us and we will assist, work closely to establish perfect fit for your requirements.

Drilling head designing and manufacturing

We offer drilling heads used in hard furniture production lines, for Weeke, Vitap, Comec etc drilling machines. We can offer full service, including designing, production or repair of standart or non-standart drilling heads.

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