Surface treatment

Most of the parts after production has to be treated to embelish them or preserve. Most popular outsourcing destinations usually directs to Asia or Eastern Europe (Baltic states) where the last is getting more popular for short delivery terms.

Suraface treamtnet possibilities:

  • Paint spraying, one or more layered paint systems;
  • Powder coating / Powder lacquering;
  • Sandblasting of steel;
  • Glass bead blasting of stainless steel;
  • Hot dip galvanizing;
  • Duplex system, a combination of a hot dip galvanized sub-layer and a top-layer of one or more powder coated layers.
  • Electro plating;
  • Nickel plating;
  • Chrome plating;
  • Anodising / Anodizing of aluminium, in colour if desired;
  • Polishing, both mechanic polishing and electrolytic polishing;
  • Grinding, provided with a grain structure if desired.

We’ll be more than happy to make you best advice on which surface tratment suits the best for you product. Perfect parts packing is essential after surface treatment in order to keep goods safe during transportation. Most of our customers asks for custom packing solution where we provide article number, special sized boxes with logos etc.

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