Cutting / stamping

Cutting and stamping material may be splitted into two categories: physical and mechanical processing. We usually offer both mentioned methods as a part of final product. Below we’ll provide more detailed information about supply possibilities in Baltic states.

Physical cutting processing:

  • Flame/gas – used for steel;
  • Plasma – used for steel, aluminium and stainless steel;
  • Laser – used for steel, aluminiu and stainless steel. 3D tube laser cutting;
  • Wire – used for matrix, tools making.

We advise technique which depends on your product. For example if you are looking for small number and large dimensions parts we often offer physical processing method. First of all these technologies does not require special tools which keeps your startup costs low on the other hand – production costs are high. Cutting processing method depends on the type of material and thickness. Laser cutting – thinner sheets with high accuracy and fininish. Gas cutting – thick steel sheets that does not require finishing look good and mostly focuging on tutting the outline. Plasma cutting stands in between of these two mentioned techniques – cutting edge fininish is higher and this may be used for thicker sheets.

Mechanical stamping processing:

  • Punching;
  • Stamping;
  • Niblling;
  • Shearing;
  • Sawing.

All technologies may be used to proceed with steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Punching and stamping in most of parts production requires special tools. This makes startup costs higher, but in long run these techniques decreases production costs. It’s used for smaller operations with large number as tools enables high production speeds.

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